Home at Last

Finally I’m home. I’ve been waiting for the time to go by quickly and see my family. Don’t get me wrong I do miss Spain, a lot but I’m happy to be home. Time that I spent in spain was unforgettable. I brought back a lot of knowledge with me. This was a unique experience and I’m blessed to be part of it. Most of all I miss the girls. I got used to always having them around, it weird not seeing them every day. I’ve also been have a little bit of an issue adjusting to the schedule again. I’m having a hard time eating at the regular times again. Also, I have trouble with sleeping, my sleeping schedule is all messed up, but I’ll manage.


I’m really glad I got the chance to go to Spain this summer and experience learning more about the spanish culture and the people. I’m also glad I got to be part of the program I learned so much and for that I’m forever greatful! I want to say a special thanks to Dr. Hitchcock, Adolfo, and Luis. With out them this would have never happened.

Until my next Adventure! Goodbye!


The Final Days

The last week is finally here, and we have two days left till we head back to the States. Right now, I’m on the train that we took from Camporrobles and we are heading to Madrid to spend our last two days in this Amazing country. What can I say, this experience has been unique, I’m taking a lot of knowledge back with me. This experience has been like a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs. I grown more and become more open minded.

On Monday, we got to go to el Molón, which is a historical sight. We got to climb to a the top and learn more about it. El Molón are ancient ruins where people use to live. It was a long hike all the way to the top, but it was worth it.

During the other day of the week we prepared for our theater show very intensly. We practiced a lot, and learned a lot. On Thursday, we went to Cuenca, which is about an hour and half from Mira. We got to tour the city for a few hours. First, we went to the courthouse and got to tour a little bit of it. My favorite site to see were the Casas Colgantes, which are houses that seem to hang off a cliff. We also had an amazing lunch. It was like a barbecue steak, but much better! We also went to the OLd Cathedral of Cuenca, which was beautiful! Around 5 we headed to we perform our little theater show, which we had in a litle museum of art. We didn’t have many guests, but the few that were there made it worth it. It was a lot of fun!

On Friday, we hosted “Sabor de Indiana” for Mira, which was a huge blast. We got to cook and share some of music from Indiana. There were a few teens there, Jackie and I, got them to get on stage with us and we danced the night away, literally! We shared some of our dances, and they shared some of thiers! Lets just say that, that night we made some new friends!

On Saturday, was the big day, we had to prepare for our showing of the “Ecos en los Claustros” en Mira. We practiced a few times that day, and 10 o’clock came very quickly. We had some of closet friends show up to the show, and I had so much fun performing for them.


I learned a lot during my days in Mira, I’m a little upset that it’s all done. I enjoyed my time here. I’m glad to say that I’m taking a lot back with me. This experiece was very unique, and I’m happy I got to be part of it.

Another Adventure​

This week was very productive in my image. We accomplished a lot not only academically but also explorative. This week we started working with scenes for our play  “Ecos en los Claustros.” This weeks internship was fun we played around with the scenes. We got to each choose a part of the play and make it our own, and then present it, the way we want it to be acted. With our other class, we read a new play and we also read over the dehumanization of art, which was very interesting. During the week. our professor decided to do a picnic for us at “las tres cruces,” for us just to have some time off work and take a break. It was really relaxing and it was nice to bond with everyone.


On Thursday we left to Valencia, and let me just tell you it was amazing. We got to see different buildings and visit different sites. I got to try Paella Valenciana which was very delicious, at the “Centro.” My favorite part of Valencia was visiting, “La Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias y el Oceanográfic. But mostly the Oceanográfic, it was so much fun. The Oceanográfic is the biggest aquarium in Europe, and it for real is big. There are so many building inside this aquarium. The best thing to see was the dolphins. We got to see them dance around and jump and do tricks, it was awesome. Oh yeah, and I can’t forget, we got to see penguins!! Valencia was such an amazing experience I can’t wait to get the chance to go again!

This week was very busy and very adventurous, the time has definitely gone a lot faster. I’m excited about the direction that our work in play is heading! It’s hard to realize we only have one more week left at in Spain!

Half Way There

We have been for about 2 weeks and a half. Half way through my trip here in Spain. These weeks have been kind of tough with school and everything, but there have been a couple interesting things happening lately. This week we had Jose Moreno Arenas and Elena Bolaños come visit us. Jose did a conference and talked about the books he wrote, and plays he has been part of which was really interesting. Then he and Elena did a play reading which was very interesting to see and hear about a play he just finished writing.


Also, on Friday we got to visit the Mayor of Mira which was very interesting to hear him talk about everything and a little bit more about the city. We got to try different kinds of foods and enjoy a little but conversation with the city hall also.

On our free time, we usually go walk around or go to the pool. The pool is usually our hang out spot. It is where we get to relax and enjoy some fresh air. We have also gotten the chance to meet different people! Though we are half way there I hope that there will be more things for us to enjoy in our time here!

First Impressions

We are here finally in Mira, Spain. It’s a small town, but it is really nice and relaxing. The ride from Madrid to Mira wasn’t bad at all, it was about 3 hours long. Also, we had two puppies as companions in the car, which made the car ride more fun.  The small town is bigger than what I expected to be. The city’s buildings are like on a mountain site, so it looks like the buildings just keep on going up.


The weather here is just perfect it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It has rained only once since we have been here. It’s so pretty here, that the view just takes my breath. Every day, we try to walk up to the top of the mountain to “the three crosses” which has an amazing view. We like to walk up there to breathe in the fresh Spanish air and just relax. I feel really safe here also, the people are really nice and friendly everyone talks to everyone.

Now getting it to the topic of classes. Classes aren’t bad at all and the class hours are very flexible. We have class in the mornings at 10:15 till 12:15 and the second class at 6:00 to 8:00 pm. We have a long “siesta” from 2 to 6, where we have time do our homework, nap, walk around the city, do whatever we please. Getting used to the times here isn’t has bad it has just taken some time adjusting to. Our meal hours are: breakfast at 9:15, lunch at 1:00 and dinner at 9:00. The first three days were a struggle getting used to because I was already starving by 6:00. The meals are home-which makes them a hundred times more delicious. Luis is the one who cooks he is such an amazing cook. He is also hour exercise coach, we do everything from running to learning flamenco (which is super hard by the way).

We have also gone to this this lake that they call “la playita” because it’s small. But it is so beautiful and the water is so clear. This has the first lake I’ve ever seen with such clear water.


This week has been totally an adventure. It has been quite an experice, I’m having so much fun, and can’t wait what other adventures I’ll get to do in Mira!

Finally Here

So it’s time I’m finally here in the country of my dreams. Everything is as beautiful as I imagined it. I’m so excited to begin my adventure here in Spain!


Let’s start with the plane ride the first one to Charlotte, NC, wasn’t bad at all it was only about an hour and thirty minutes which quickly ended. We got off the plane with only about 40 minutes to spare. We looked for a placed to exchange some dollars to euros (by the way the exchange rate was horrible) and quickly hurried to our gate. As soon as we got there they quickly started to board everyone. It was finally time for me to get on the plane and this plane was humongous!!! Like ten thousand times bigger than the first one.  Which is good because if I’m going to be on a plane for eight hours I’m going to need lots and lots of space. The plane ride wasn’t that bad as I imagined it would be because they had these little tv’s where you could watch movies and listen to music. I watched Beauty and the Beast, Teacher Fight, and rocked to some Justin Bieber music.


We finally arrive at the airport in Madrid, Spain, it is 7 am, and it finally hits me. I just flew overseas and I’m in a totally different country. Everything is just so perfect here. We walk to the exit and there are Adolfo and Luis waiting for us. Adolfo and Luis are the ones who we are going to be doing the internship with and are the ones that are going to hosting us. Then we went to go eat breakfast, I had something called “El Americano” which seemed more like a traditional dish which constituted of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. After breakfast, we walked around the city and then we went to the park. Later we got to the apartment where we were staying at which had an amzing view! We rested for a bit and then around 6:30 we headed to the Reina Sofia measum were we saw some of Picassos work and other famous artists. We had dinner around 10 with everyone and went home around midnight. The food is way differnt as I expected it be, the eat a lot of pig and octupus which both I am not a fan of. They also eat a lot of french fries (they are called patatas here!) which I do like! They hae a veriety of foods so there much more that I need to try before I judge.


The next day we woke up around 10 and we had breakfast and then we headed to Plaza Mayor which is one of the most visited places in Madrid. We walked around a little bit a and then we headed to the El Prado museum which had amazing art work! I got to see my favorite art piece by Diego Velázquez, Las Meninas, which made me extreamly happy! Later that night we went to watch a play at the La Cuarta Pared (the fourth wall) the play we kind of different, but in a good way.


Saturday morning we woke up early to head to Mira, which was a really long car ride. We got to the city, it is a very small quite town, there isn’t much to do here, but it’s a beautiful city. Everyone here is very friendly and it is very quite nothing like Madrid! We wlaked around the town, there only about two stores here and two meat shops. Later that night we decided we were going to look for some food. So Jenny, Jackie, Lorena and I decided to walk around the block. We go out side going down a hill and Lorena trips and hurts her ankle, gadly she’s okay she scared us a bit. That’s about all we done so I hope you enjoy my post! Hasta Luego!



The time has finally come time to get serious, and also time to start packing for real. I have one more week left until I will departing the U.S. The flight date seemed so far away, just a couple of days ago, didn’t realize how close it really was. I’m beyond pumped at this moment, in just about 1 week I will be in Spain! I’m so excited about seeing the different places and trying the different foods! There aren’t many challenges that I am expecting on this trip. The only thing that I think I will have a little trouble getting use to is the cultural difference. Spain is so different from the U.S. I’m not so sure how I’ll feel there. I’m not so concerned about the course, the course is a Spainish class, which for me seems not so complicate. Also, my professor with be with us the whole time so if I have any questions, he will be there to help. One thing I’m not so excited about is the flight, this flight is about ten hours long! That is ten hours I’m going to be have to be doing nothing but sitting! I’m totally alright with it though, the amount of excitment cancels the bads things out. I can not wait for this trip!!! ONE WEEK LEFT!!!